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The running bulls in Sanse

Since 1525, bull running

On March 23th of 1525 a provision of Emperor Charles V urged the Archbishop of Toledo to return to the residents of San Sebastian de los Reyes what was charged in his parties, including those relating to "run bulls." Only 33 years have passed since the founding of the municipality through the intercession of the Catholic Monarchs and there are documents associated our parties with the fact of "running bulls" in our streets.

Of yesteryear it comes to the residents of San Sebastian de los Reyes the fans running bulls in the streets. Each year, the last week of August, thousands of people gather in town to enjoy a unique spectacle: the bull running of San Sebastian de los Reyes, the most important bullfighting festival in Madrid and one of the most famous in Spain.

The bull runnings goes along a route which, in its almost 820 meters, summarizes all the excitement of extreme risk, but the uniqueness of being a historical event in which repeated the ceremony of homage to life. A ritual offering, openly, all the ingredients required to excite the participants and those who enjoy the show from the other side of the fence.

In addition, the bull running of "Sanse" as affectionately known to this city north of Madrid, located 19 kilometers from the capital of Spain, is rated the safest in the country. A hundred people operating permits, each morning, a model organization implement confinement, without loss of emotion, but with everything you need to handle any mishap during their development.

We are therefore faced with the most important event taking place in San Sebastian de los Reyes throughout the year. A unique event which is part of a modern city that looks to the future, without compromising their deepest roots and traditions.

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